A Swede In London: All About Tara On Her Top Spots In The City

A Swede In London: All About Tara On Her Top Spots In The City

A Swede In London: All About Tara On Her Top Spots In The City

Sweedish blogger Tara is the ultra fashionable  It-girl behind All About Tara – her wildly successful digital personal style platform. Now based in London, we caught up with the stylish swede to find out about what it’s like to move to a new country and her favorites spots in the city right now.

Miroux: You’re originally from Sweden but now live in London — what do you love about both places?

There are so much that I love with both of the places. The main reason I love London and why I moved here is that it is the greatest city on the planet, London is so rich with culture, history, food and everything in between. I absolutely love how creative and free-spirit Londoners are and it feels like London attracts ambitious people who want to explore options in life. For instance, there is so many support for young professionals and entrepreneurs who want to start their own business and ” do their own thing”  –  Londoners are so open for collaboration and ways to help each other out in their work. You just can be yourself in London and people will accept and respect you for that, I believe this is something truly incredible about London. You are never too old, too young or too different!

Even if London is the greatest city on the planet, I believe Sweden is the best country. Every time I travel back home, I realised how calm and balanced everything is in Sweden, people walk and talk slower, they appreciate hiking in nature and they know how to queue. I mean, Swedish people have fika time every hour where they have a cup of coffee with their colleagues discuss the various subjects, this can be everything from work to their interest in their free time. Fika is like a religion in Sweden so everyone stops their work to have a cup of coffee and chat – how amazing isn’t this?

I am from the south part of Sweden, called Lund in the county Skåne – which is one of Sweden’s largest university. As I studied in Lund, I have so many memories from my teenage phase (let’s not go there)  up to University years. I always find traveling back home like going through a time machine, filled with memories and unforgettable moments in my life. Nonetheless, my family and many of my old friends are based in Sweden –  this is why Sweden will always be my favorite place.

Miroux: What has having the perspective of living in such different cities taught you?
– Learn your co-workers in London to appreciate fika time at work!
– Never judge a book by its cover! One amazing thing about London is that you never know who you will meet so never judge anyone.
– Before I moved to London, I never understood how different Europeans are from each other. Living in London has taught me to understand, appreciate and love the differences between the various European countries – and the food!!
– London has taught me how to be brave while Sweden has taught me to always be helpful.

Miroux: Moving on to your top London spots, what are some of your favorite places…

To Eat: Right now, Mr Bao in Peckham.
To Drink:  Two Hundred Rye Lane
To Snack: Oh I don’t snack!
To Wander: Always South Bank!
To Indulge:  Drinking cocktails at the Shard while admiring London or talking a long walk in Richmond when I want to escape the buzzing London life.

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