EXECUTIVE CATWALK, RL-DESIGN (RED LINE) Perfect for the high-end woman on the go, this new and exclusive clutch exudes elegance. Slender, but surprisingly roomy, it will work as well for daytime as it will for evening events. Only highest quality Italian calf leather and Italian made brass metalwear. 27.0 x...

Classic Unisex Crewneck T-shirt

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WEBBING STRAP, Black/Gold/Red This strap is a sporty-chic adjustable and comfortable wide webbing strap that makes it ideal for daily wear on any Miroux bag. Adjustable length from 1 to 1.75 meter. Adjustable length from 39 to 68 inches. Weight 0.1 kg Dimensions 200 × 4 × 0.1 cm StrapVariant...

EXECUTIVE ESPLANADE, Crocodile Perfect for the high-end woman on the go, this new and exclusive cross-body bag is an essential for every day. Carry it as the perfect companion piece to both formal and pared-down edits. Only highest quality Italian calf leather and Italian made brass metalwear. 21.8 x 17.6...

About Miroux

Story in short

Miroux is a Swedish top quality high fashion lady accessory brand established as an official international brand in 2017.

The brand was formed by a family from the Swedish west-coast with background in fashion, IT and human relations with the absolute passion for design, fashion and lady accessories.

Our mission

To live and breathe our passion for design and creativity.

Our vision

Continuously create the worlds most attractive and value added handbags and accessories.

Our values

Miroux have the three unconditional values to follow from all involved parties, everyone from design and production to sales and marketing:

“Belief, Trust and Passion”

“Our business is built on belief in what we do, trust to each other and passion in profession!”

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We use only high-quality calf leather imported from the best Italian tanneries specifically for our needs. We carefully select suppliers who use flawless raw materials in the process and their artistry allows to produce skins as close to nature as possible, durable and pleasant to the touch. Thanks to these rules each piece of leather has its own character and “pattern” and each Miroux bag is unique and timeless.

To keep your bag clean and in great shape for a long time, we recommend cleaning it up regularly with a moist cloth. In some cases, scratching and stains may occur, but the patina created by daily wear and tear will fade and evolve over time. Avoid contact with sharp and rough surfaces that may damage the face of the skin, pouring rain, other liquids (eg. Perfumes, cosmetics). In case of stains not removable by the method mentioned above, immediately contact the nearest and trusted leather goods rapair shop.

Calf leather does not require special care or impregnation after the purchase. However, to refresh the look of the leather after a long and intensive use or keep it fresh in a long term, professional leather cosmetics may be applied. We recommend visiting trusted leather goods repair shop for expert advice and using only professional cosmetics from renowned companies and avoid cheap substitutes.


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