Fika Break: Where To Find The Best Coffee In London

Fika Break: Where To Find The Best Coffee In London

Fika Break: Where To Find The Best Coffee In London

There are many things we’ve got Sweden to thank for. Abba, Ikea, meatballs and lingonberries..the list can go on. But one of the best things to emerge from Sweden is the concept of Fika. A serious right of passage, fika is the act of enjoying a break from the day’s activities to enjoy a cup of coffee, snack or a delicious pastry.

And we admit, savoring time away from work, among friends and family is a much-needed luxury in today’s ever-growing culture of takeaways and coffee pods.

So to help you bring a bit of fika into your everyday routine, we’ve put together our favorite places in London to hit pause, Swedish style.

  1. Fabrique

Hidden away under the railway arches near Hoxton Overground station, Fabrique has quickly become a firm favourite. The first outside of Stockholm, head there for a carb-fest of still-warm cinnamon buns, cardamom rolls and freshly baked bread. The coffee from Swedish coffee roasters Johan & Nyström is top-notch too.

  1. Nordic Bakery

Nordic Bakery already has a couple of boltholes round London, but the Marylebone branch is one of our favorites. As easy on the eyes as it is on the stomach, this clean-cut space features furniture from iconic Nordic designers and the bun choice – cinnamon, berry, butter, custard, apple, almond – demands a return visit.

  1. ScandiKitchen

A fika break doesn’t have to be about cake. Scandi Kitchen does some of the best open sandwiches in town — we recommend the Danish meatballs with red cabbage. Don’t leave without trying the Danish ‘dream cake’ too, as well as picking up something from the vast selection of Nordic groceries to take home.

  1. Bageriet

This Swedish bakery specializes in biscuits, cakes and buns. A popular spot for one of the strongest cappuccino around, it also has one of the lightest, fluffiest cinnamon buns this side of Stockholm.

  1. HEJ Coffee

A cafe that also acts as a barista-training school and has a gallery attached? Trendy Hej has it all. Serving up freshly made soups, salads and sandwiches daily. Have a super-sticky chokladkaka — a chocolate cake topped with flaked almonds and pistachios or a savory bullar with a creamy iced coffee for the ultimate fix

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